Powder coating

Powder coating - that is our core business!

A powder coated surface makes aluminium one of the most widely and easily applicable materials. Because it can be used indoors and outdoors, after your aluminium has been powder coated. Thanks to an extensive colour palette your aluminium products will fit with every project.

Alural is the number one specialist in powder coating:

We guarantee a proper coating of your aluminium products in our workshops:

  • High-quality pre-treatment - All our Belgian production lines dispose over a fully automatic spray pre-treatment facility. There the aluminium is degreased, pickled and passivated, in full correspondence with the DIN 50939 quality standard.¬†These pre-treatment processes protect your aluminium against corrosion and assure a perfect adhesion to the base surface.
  • Specialised powder coating production lines - Our vertical production lines can handle 8 meter long profiles without problems, in a single powder coating process. Small volumes fit perfectly into our horizontal lines, where colour settings can be modified extremely quickly. For processing works and components, we use our specialised, small powder coating line.
  • Exceptional powder coating - We exclusively use high-quality powder from globally recognised manufacturers. Furthermore, super-durable and ultra-durable powder coating provide high UV resistance, exceptional longevity and colourfastness. In addition, we can offer a wide choice of structured powders.

Here you can download our folder about structured powders >

Quality guaranteed during the process

We were one of the pioneers in the generally accepted Qualicoat quality label for powder coating. And we continue to be members of the Technical and Executive Committee of this globally recognised quality organisation. In addition, we continuously search for better compositions and spraying methods for our powder coating processes. This way you can be sure that your powder coated profiles and plates will keep their colour and shine for a long time.

Ophang verticale laklijn
Oprek verticale lijn
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Spuitcabine verticale laklijn
Spuitcabine verticale laklijn
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Nieuwe horizontale laklijn Lummen
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Poedercoaten van automotive onderdelen
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