We insist on quality

Alural was one of the founders of the European professional association that grants the Qualicoat quality certificate (more information is available at www.qualubel.be) for powder coated aluminium and Qualanod (more information is available at www.qualubel.be) for anodised aluminium. It's not unlogical. We insist on absolute top quality and demand the same from the industrial sector.

To achieve this:

  • Semi-annual inspections of production and installations are carried out by ESTAL (European Surface Treatment on Aluminium) Belgium for Belgium.
  • Separate semi-annual inspection of the installations is also carried out by an independent testing institute, which is part of our warranty insurance policy.
  • Random inspections of our end-products and processes.
  • Qualicoat quality certificate for all end-products.
  • Insured warranty on all treated materials. Including filiforme corrosion, even in risky areas applying pre-anodisation as pretreatment system

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